Nanorich Technologies is headed and guided by experienced technology and management professionals and has the vision to become leader in performance oriented innovative and path breaking, game changing products.

Nanorich Technologies has tied up with Genco, Korea on exclusive basis for marketing the world's latest Nano Diamond based DIANANO – Engine oil additive which has changed the additive landscape like iPAD did to phones.

DIANANO is the only engine oil additive which repair damaged metallic surfaces over a period of time on regular application. It increases power up to 20%, increases mileage up to 12%, increases pickup, smoothens drive and reduces emission up to 70%. DIANANO can be applied in petrol, diesel, CNG and LPG powered vehicle engines using engine oil. In industrial sector, DIANANO can be used in DG sets, compressors, gear boxes, windmills etc.

Our planet is undergoing severe environmental crisis which is manmade due to abuse of the nature by over utilizing limited resources and showing disrespect for natural cycles and eco system. It is imperative that we adapt environmental friendly products for our day to day life thereby creating sustainable relationship with our environment and with this direction, Nanorich technologies wants to create value for minimizing carbon footprint and save resources for better future.

To become the leader in Nano Additives Market.
To launch unique products in fuel and energy management.
Comprehensive solution to provide efficiency, economy under single roof.
Create an awareness and build market for every corporate sector for these nano additives.
To become an integral part in conserving energy by reducing wastage.
To set a new bench mark in fuel additive market by offering quality research based brands and to cater the discerning markets with quality and innovative products.
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