We are proudly introducing DIANANO, innovative nanotech product in Engine Oil/Gear Oil space which extends the engine oil life marginally by 10%.

DIANANO is the world's most advanced engine/gear oil additive. It is made of spherical NANO Diamond. The Technology is ball bearing (10 nm).

DIANANO can be widely used to engine oil & transmission of motor, motorcycle, vessel, train and all sorts of vehicles. It can also be used to all sorts of equipments in light and heavy industries including steel & iron, Mining, cement and petro-chemical industry. It is also applicable for rack cutting machine, compressor, mining machine, grinding machine and metallurgy machine in a great friction load.

Thermodynarnic Condition Keeping thermal parallel state by spherical Nano Particles
Change of chemical properties of Iubricant after adding DIANANO No deformation
Density(normal Temp.) 0.9 g/cm3
PH Value > 7
Toxicity None


Available Packing 2.5ML, 10ML and industrial packing
Expiry Date 3 years from the date of production.
Origin Made in Korea.
Manufacturer GENCO CO. LTD, Busan, Korea
Use Additive for Engine and Transmission / Gear Oil for all engines running on liquid gaseous hydro carbon fuels - Petrol, Diesel, LPG, CNG. It can be used in Mineral Oil, Semi Synthetic Oil, and Synthetic Oil.
Mix Ratio Mix 2.5 ml per Liter of Engine Oil / Gear Oil / Transmission Oil
Frequency of Changing Engine /Gear Oil Please use Dianano for every engine oil change.


• Reduces the Friction up to 20%
• Reduces Sound up to 8-10db
• Reduces the Temperature in Engines up to 8 Degrees Centigrade.
• Saves Fuel by 8-12%
• Reduces Emissions by 70%
• Softens Internal Surfaces of Metal by filling up damaged surfaces.
• Reduces Driver Strain by giving Extra Power and Smooth movement.


• Use of Fire is Strictly Prohibited
• Do not use Fuel Cap for filling
• If DIANANO comes in contact with eyes, wash with water for 15 minutes
• Do not Drink or Inhale
• If DIANANO comes in Contact with skin, wash with soap
• Keep Bottle out of Sunlight and Keep away from Children.

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